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Compare Lawsuit Loans reviews dozens of funding companies to help plaintiffs evaluate which company is best for them.

For each company, we collect the following information:

  • Consumer reviews from around the web
  • Pre-settlement funding and post-settlement funding terms
  • Turnaround times for lawsuit loan requests
  • What types of cases the company focuses on
  • What states the company operates in
  • Contact details
  • Ownership or leadership details
  • Related companies
  • Social profiles

Compare Lawsuit Loans maintains an updated profile for each company using this information. … logo logo

Finding a reasonably priced lawsuit loan is tough. Because lawsuit loans are not technically considered loans in most states, the industry lacks regulation. Because of the lack of regulation, many companies get away with overcharging desperate plaintiffs for pre-settlement lawsuit loans. gives plaintiffs the tools and information they need to make better financial decisions when it comes to pre-settlement funding.

That’s why we created this free lawsuit loan calculator and comparison tool with Google Sheets to help plaintiffs compare rates and terms visually.

To copy the Google Sheet to your Google Drive directly, use this link.

Using the lawsuit loan calculator

When you open… logo logo helps personal injury plaintiffs navigate the under-regulated industry of lawsuit loans. To learn more visit our full guide “How to compare lawsuit loans”.

What is a lawsuit loan?

A lawsuit loan is actually not much of a loan at all, it is a non-recourse purchase of an equitable lien in a legal claim. That means that in many states lawsuit loans are not regulated as actual loans. Plaintiffs are therefore not afforded the protections of typical lending laws.

Lawsuit loans can be useful, however. They help plaintiffs cover living expenses while they wait for their case to settle.

Lawsuit loan alternatives

Because of their cost, lawsuit loans…

Compare Lawsuit Loans gives personal injury plaintiffs the tools and information they need to make informed decisions about lawsuit loans.

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