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Compare Lawsuit Loans reviews dozens of funding companies to help plaintiffs evaluate which company is best for them.

For each company, we collect the following information:

  • Consumer reviews from around the web

Compare Lawsuit Loans maintains an updated profile for each company using this information. We do this to make it easier for plaintiffs to — you guessed it — compare lawsuit loans and get the best deal possible.

We also use this information and more to recommend certain companies. First and foremost though, we recommend that you use your own judgment and shop for the lowest rate possible on your lawsuit loan. Even though you don’t pay a monthly fee, the money that you owe will eventually come out of your settlement.

Click the logos below to view our profile for each of the funding companies we review.

Best pre-settlement funding company for low rates

US Claims Logo

Best funding company for a fast turnaround time

Thrivest Link Legal Funding Logo

Best for workers’ compensation loans

Bridgeway Legal Funding Logo

Highly rated lawsuit loan companies on Google

Highly rated lawsuit loan companies on Yelp

Bridgeway Legal Funding Logo

Highly rated by consumers on Better Business Bureau (BBB)

A list of other large pre-settlement funding companies

These are not necessarily companies we recommend — they are listed and reviewed for your comparison purposes only.

More information

But wait, there’s more… click here to see a full list of the lawsuit loan companies we evaluate.

And don’t forget to check out our main guide for comparing lawsuit loan companies.

Remember, 30 minutes of time and effort can save you thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars in interest.



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Compare Lawsuit Loans gives personal injury plaintiffs the tools and information they need to make informed decisions about lawsuit loans.