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Finding a reasonably priced lawsuit loan is tough. Because lawsuit loans are not technically considered loans in most states, the industry lacks regulation. Because of the lack of regulation, many companies get away with overcharging desperate plaintiffs for pre-settlement lawsuit loans. gives plaintiffs the tools and information they need to make better financial decisions when it comes to pre-settlement funding.

That’s why we created this free lawsuit loan calculator and comparison tool with Google Sheets to help plaintiffs compare rates and terms visually.

To copy the Google Sheet to your Google Drive directly, use this link.

Using the lawsuit loan calculator

When you open up the spreadsheet on your computer or phone, you’ll see something like this:

Example of’s lawsuit loan calculator and comparison tool

Basically, you can edit the fields highlighted in yellow with blue text to show you how the amount you borrow increases over time. If the chart gets too busy, you can uncheck some of the lines to make it easier to read.

This calculator is best used once you have quotes from a few different companies. We encourage plaintiffs to shop around for lawsuit loans to find the best terms possible.

Using this tool helps plaintiffs visually quantify the difference between provided quotes. It also provides a quick overview of what terms you actually need from a lawsuit loan company to have a comparable quote.

To learn more about the pre-settlement funding calculator, check out our full article on Our article gives you various examples with quotes from different companies to help you understand how best to use this calculator. We also offer tons of information to help you choose the right lawsuit cash advance company for you.

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If you want to learn more about comparing lawsuit loans and getting the best terms possible on your lawsuit cash advance, visit our website.

Compare Lawsuit Loans provides various tools to help even the playing field between plaintiffs and legal funding companies.



Compare Lawsuit Loans gives personal injury plaintiffs the tools and information they need to make informed decisions about lawsuit loans.